Our history

In 1992 Guy Duchêne and his son Arnaud Duchêne, then a young graduate of the Higher College in Montpellier, created OPTOMED around an innovative idea: to market medical endoscopy equipment for veterinary use.
In 2001, after being a distributor for 10 years, OPTOMED decided to develop and manufacture a complete range of endoscopes, video-endoscopes and video equipment.

  • 1992: OPTOMED founded.
  • 1993: Exclusive distributor for Schott France Veterinary Fiberscope.
  • 1994: Exclusive distributor for Schott Fiber Optic (USA) in the Veterinary Market.
               After-Sales Service platform in France: ETM - SFO product.
  • 1995: Exclusive distributor for Endo-Tech (ETM) in the Medical Market.
               ETM After-Sales Service in France.
  • 1997: Marketing of the 1st generation ETM video-endoscope.
               Development of specific products for the veterinary market.
  • 1999: Launch of the 2nd generation ETM video-endoscope.
  • 2000: Marketing of the 3rd generation ETM/XION video-endoscope.
  • 2001: OPTOMED becomes an endoscope manufacturer
               Launch of portable columns and emergency cases
  • 2002: Creation of the range of veterinary video-endoscopes
  • 2004: Launch of the portable case with digital output
  • 2005: Launch of the ALLSCOPE product
  • 2007: irap® launch and marketing
  • 2008: Launch and marketing of Optomed CR canine digital radiology.
               Development and launch of "Daily scope" 
  • 2009: Development and launch of the DRS (Dynamic Respiratory Scope)
               Launch and marketing of Uno eq, equine DR digital radiology