Digital Radiography

French market only


Easy to set up and use, Optomed offers a new way of performing endoscopies. a simple USB port to connect and here you are ready to endoscopy!



DRS® (Dynamic Respiratory Scope) is the practical and innovative solution for performing endoscopies during exercise

DRS® (Dynamic Respiratory Scope) is the only endoscope enabling examinations to be carried out under natural training conditions for the horse; it allows you to go directly to the horse (in a stable, training centre, etc.) and so take account of all the external factors (influence of the ground, rider, reins, etc.) that could have consequences for respiratory function.


Because veterinary imaging is constantly developing, OPTOMED offers a product line combining quality, innovation and cutting-edge technology. By bringing together the electronics, optical and mechanical industries, OPTOMED now has unique expertise in developing and perfecting the products you'll be using tomorrow. ...