DRS® (Dynamic Respiratory Scope) is the practical and innovative solution for performing endoscopies during exercise

Why should endoscopies be performed on horses during exercise?

The respiratory system is a limiting factor in a "performance" horse. A good number of horses seen in consultations have problems associated with bad performance and/or respiratory noises.

Poor functioning of the upper respiratory tract can result from a change in the diameter of the larynx, the narrowest part of the upper airways. The only solution for making an accurate diagnosis is to perform endoscopy during exercise; in fact, with endoscopy performed at rest it is impossible to know if the lesion seen poses a functional handicap. In addition a large number of dynamic changes take place in the respiratory tract during exercise.

Why CHOOSING THE DRS® to perform endoscopy during exercise?

The DRS® has been designed in collaboration with La Clinique du Cheval (Dr Louis-Marie Desmaizières). This endoscope enabling examinations to be carried out under natural training conditions for the horse; it allows you to go directly to the horse (in a stable, training centre, etc.) and so take into account all the external factors (influence of the ground, rider, reins, etc.) that could have consequences for respiratory function. In addition, DRS is very easy to set up, there is no stress for  the horse the rider. No adjustment period is required before performing the examination.

DRS introduction
DDSP during exercise